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A Bit of Background

How We Got Started.......

AusCan Dals originates from my love for Dalmatians growing up in Australia and then continuing my father's legacy of breeding in Canada; which is where I now reside. 

Copmint Copper Brad was the offspring of Australian Champion Karlye of Kalesha and Dalcoach Copper Glow. Brad was my first show dog of my own and very much loved Dalmatian who lived until he was 16 years old. He sired many litters. As an adult, I purchased AusCans Pilot in Charge in Japan but sadly, he never sired any litters. 

Once I relocated to Canada, I purchased Auscan Heartspots Nu Hope (Nash) from a LUA breeder in Alberta. Subsequently, I purchased my outstanding foundation bitch, Prairie Storm (Momo) to add to the family. Momo and Nash were proud parents of my first Canadian litter with 13 puppies (11 surviving) in 2019.

At AusCan Dals, my philosophy is to raise healthy, happy, stable, well rounded Dalmatians who would be suitable for not only conformation, but ALL canine sports. We are 100% in support of the LUA breeding program and strive for excellent health and conformation in all of our carefully planned litters. We strongly believe in health testing and breeding always takes place after the female is 2 years old and fully health tested for eyes, elbows, hips and patella. Our puppies are whelped in a bedroom on the main floor of our home which we convert to a Mid-woof-ery suite for 8 weeks. Puppies are raised following guidelines set by puppy culture and are given daily human contact. Puppies are taught "go pee" on pee pads from 3 weeks old and sleep in individual "puppy condos" to assist with crate training, from 3 weeks old.

When placing puppies in new homes, co-owned conformation puppies are given priority for placement. We will then match the puppies with homes that we think will be suitable according to our mandatory zoom call, reference check and application form. 

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